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9 December
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I am an Allison. I am also a navel-gazing New Yorker with a scad of filthy habits and the attention span of a small child.

I run on black coffee, sugary cereal, Djarum Blacks, gurochan and porn. I am a force of nature.

In case of emergency, I can be found pantless under a mound of blankets plodding away at my infinite amounts of schoolwork. That sallow thing with the eyebags hunched over a laptop. Yeah, that one's me.

If you're just looking for my fanfiction, the Masterlist is your best bet at finding it. I'm horribly disorganized.

I am also moderator of holmes_cyoa and one of the few, the proud - the nyc_sherlockmfs
Also some people can stand me and that’s cool because I love everyone, except maybe for the person who invented that spray-cheese-in-a-can shit. Because that’s pretty groce and pretty unforgivable. I’ve married more than half of shkinkmeme.

gyzym, my partner-in-crime, had this to say:

dire_redux is like that cupcake she made the other night while she was drunk--EVEN MORE MYSTIFYINGLY AWESOME THE NEXT MORNING. she is secretly (or perhaps not so secretly) the unholy mistress of all things dark and porny, AND PERHAPS ALSO MY HEART. her internet is a portal to the realms of hell, she is regularly excite, and sometimes her name has an 'o' in it. she eats, sleeps and breathes pretentiousness. OH, AND ALSO VODKA. DO NOT FORGET THE VODKA.

starlingthefool did the coolest thing and wrote me my very own limerick &hearts & it goes a bit like this:

There once was an author named Dire
Who was a most skillful liar (sorry, but it rhymes!)
They spun tales so sordid
And delightfully morbid
They caused my pants to catch fire.

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{and the machine is bleeding to death}
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